Protected by coral reefs, Mauritius offers the luxury of blue lagoons and many beaches: ideal for you to choose your dream vacation rental near your favourite white sandy beach.

Once well-known for luxury hotels and resorts, Mauritius has recently undergone a development in a totally different direction! Alternative lodging and self-catering accommodation make the new trend and the Mauritians do their best to accommodate it! Being not directly on the beach but in prime location just behind is the secret formula which has led to the great success of vacation rentals in second row or a few roads from the beach. Not only are these much more affordable, but also calmer and less exposed to the weather.

And in any case, Mauritius is a veritable dream destination to visit! Located beneath the tropic of Capricorn, this emerald island paradise is surrounded by a warm turquoise Ocean which is home of colourful tropical fish and adorned with long stretched white sandy beaches; protected by a barrier reef. Rare birds, an exotic plant life and a great local cuisine enriched by tasty tropical fruits and vegetables add to the fascination of former “Ile de France”, which was once a sought after colony and a strategic stronghold of the great colonial powers: the “Star and Key” of the vast Indian Ocean.

So involving a multitude of cultures, religions, wars and astonishing events, island history is quite adventurous. Visitors are amazed by the many places of interest, museums, nature attractions and religious monuments to discover and enjoy. Today, a very hospitable multi-ethnic society with various religions, languages and cultural diversities provides ample background for an interesting and unique tropical holiday.